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1 : Excuse me; Do you understand Russian?; I understand English; I dont understand; a little; Are you Russian?; You are Russian; Yes, Miss; No, sir >>>
2 : youre; Im Russian; Hello, maam; How are you?, Fine, thanks; Im fine; Good-bye; Very well; Not very well >>>
3 : But; Thank you; Im American; And you?; No; Im sorry; Please; I think that you speak English very well >>>
4 : Wheres East 52 Street; Park Avenue; It is here; Is it here?; Its over there; >>>
5 : You are welcome; I dont know; You know; I want; I dont want; Do you want?; Would you like to have something to eat?; I would like; to drink >>>
6 : too; At a restaurant; When?; Now; Later; Where would you like to eat?; Yes, I would >>>
7 : Not here; Ok; At the hotel; What would you like to eat?; Some wine; Some beer; On Park Avenue >>>
8 : Two beers; To have lunch; Or some wine?; What do you want to do?; Id like to buy something; With whom?; With me >>>
9 : Do you know where Park Avenue is?; At what time?; One oclock; Nine; Eight >>>
10 : What time is it?; Its five oclock; Its three oclock; Its four oclock; Im going to eat >>>
11 : At six oclock; Then at seven oclock; Tonight; To have dinner; ten; And tomorrow?; Tomorrow night; Listen and repeat; Today >>>
12 : How much do I owe you?; I owe you; One dollar; Eleven dollars; Twelve; Thirteen; Do I owe you twelve dollars?; answer >>>
13 : See you tonight; How many dollars do you have?; I have fourteen dollars; fifteen; Sixteen; How much money do you have?; Heres >>>
14 : Heres a dollar; I dont have any money; I have a lot of money; Give me some money; Seventeen; Eighteen; Nineteen; Here are two beers; Thats a lot >>>
15 : Good morning; No, I dont; Yes, I do; For you; For me; Thank you very much; How much is it?; I can; I cant; Yes, I have some; Two and two is how much? >>>
16 : Thats too much; Twenty; Thirty; Thats enough; forty; Stop; Answer affirmatively >>>
17 : Fifty; Sixty; Its too expensive; Yes, its expensive; You speak very fast >>>
18 : Book; More expensive; Who is that?; My husband; My wife; My husband would like to have some water; Id like to have some coffee; Your wife; Isnt; What does your wife want to do? >>>
19 : Good evening; Shes over there; Hed like some coffee; Come in; Pleased to meet you; Missis; Where do you live?; In Moscow >>>
20 : Russia; New York; Do you have any children?; Two boys; And one girl; The boy is big; They are big >>>
21 : Who are you?; Can you wait?; And the little girl?; Our boy; Really?; Wheres the bathroom?; Shes here with us; Family >>>
22 : Say; Ask me; My family is in America; How many people are there in your family?; Try to say; There are; In my car; Wed like some gas; Five gallons of gas; How many miles to Long Island? >>>
23 : We have a small family; I want a smaller car; Its far; Which is the road to Long Island?; Its straight ahead; Is this the road to Long Island? >>>
24 : One dollar per gallon; Smaller; a bigger car; How far is it?; I need some gas; Go to the right; To the left; The road you want is to the right >>>
25 : Why?; Because; The department stores are closed; Open; Because its late; My husband wants to buy something >>>
26 : Its only eight oclock; Washington D.C.; Im going to see a few friends; Maybe; I think Im going to work; I dont think so >>>
27 : Tell me; Boston; Heres one hundred dollars; You dont owe me anything; I want to leave; Were going to leave together; She doesnt have a car >>>
28 : Whats wrong?; What does that mean?; The word shoot; Its an English word; Were here for a few days; How long are you going to stay?; We dont have much time >>>
29 : For one week; How long have you been here?; Ive been here for a few weeks; Since yesterday; What did you buy yesterday?; I bought something; Newspaper; The wine is for him; The coffee is for her; Do you like wine? >>>
30 : A lot of things; No, I didnt; I dont need anything; When did you arrive?; Yesterday morning; This morning >>>


31 : I didnt buy anything; We ate at a good restaurant; My daughter; The older one; Your husband speaks English too, doesnt he?; Some Mexican friends; You like the hotel, dont you? >>>
32 : Are you here alone?; The younger one; Our son; Which daughter?; He arrived last night; We went to Philadelphia >>>
33 : We went to the zoo; See you later; See you tonight; We spoke English; Waiter; See you tomorrow; We saw the White House; Its not a big city >>>
34 : Not yet; Have you been to Boston?; I havent been to Boston; Spanish; A friend of mine; His name is Peter Johnson; What is his name?; I have to leave; So do I; I have to go into town >>>
35 : I havent seen Washington yet; I still have a lot of work; Unfortunately; Me too; She is Colombian; A glass of wine; Always; Never >>>
36 : Do you know the Garden cafe?; A friend of mine is coming; To visit; A colleague of yours; From Mexico; You dont know her; A year; Guadalajara >>>
37 : Sometimes I drink red wine; Theyve lived there for three years; They both speak English; Sometimes I walk; Sometimes I take a taxi; At home >>>
38 : I often go there; We can take the subway; Yes, of course; How late are the stores open?; Until ten oclock; Id like to have something to drink first >>>


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